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A Critical Approach to Youth Culture

Its Influence and Implications for Ministry

"Adolescent culture is always changing, making it difficult for youth pastors to keep up. Even college students who are a few years out of high school find it challenging to stay current with the changing culture of teens. However, when equipped with tools that help them think critically about culture on a broad scale, youth ministry students can be prepared for a strategic ministry to teens that effectively addresses the youth cultural context. This academic resource uses a multi-disciplinary approach to understand culture by exploring the nature, theology, ecology, and ethnography of culture, then combining these different perspectives to develop a critical approach to youth culture."

Finally, as Moschella notes, “Listening is difficult because it requires us to give up
the role of expert and become a learner again” (2008). An attitude of listening
takes us into the role of discovery and learning, increasing our knowledge of
those ...